Line Shack

Fuel Services

THE LINE SHACK is a provider of specialized fueling services for transient, commercial, corporate and military / government aircraft. THE LINE SHACK has the facilities, qualified personnel and capabilities to support single engine type aircraft, military aircraft and corporate business jets to include large Boeing type aircraft.

THE LINE SHACK offers a variety of services and features:
  • Quick-Turn Specialist
  • Great Fuel Prices
  • Government Fuel Cards
  • Government Fuel Prices
  • Ground Power Units
  • Catering - Coffee and Lunch
  • WiFi Wireless / High Speed Internet
  • Flight Planning / Weather Station
  • DLA Contractor
  • JetA Fuel Full Service (Pre-Mixed with Anti-Ice Additive "Prist")
  • Crew Van
  • Spacious Ramp
  • 9,000 Foot Runway
  • FAA Control Tower
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Historic Aviation Setting
  • Certified Small Business
  • Restaurant On-Site
  • Rental Cars (Enterprise)
  • AV Gas 100LL Self-Serve
  • Newspapers/Magazines

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